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A Special Poppa Day Post...

Happy Father’s Day to all those Poppa’s that showed us how to be strong, walk tall, take on challenges, filled us with values, gave a buck or two here and there, picked us up when needed, righted it when it was wrong, put us in our place when we stepped out of bounds with voices elevated to blow the roof off of the house 🏡 sometimes (but always wiped away those tears), provided the means to give a step up, gave us the trips out and crazy adventures, always ready to talk and share opinions (even when not wanted lol), made us cry to ‘get it’, cared when the knee got scraped as well as that ego, cared and protected, showed love in the hardest of times, helped make life’s decisions, watched proudly... But most of all - if it wasn’t for him finding that special lady way back when - we wouldn’t be here on this planet 🌎 to experience all that was given! This bench picture represents the place where I would give anything to be able to sit and chat with mine now about life, love, dreams, family, and everything else under the sun 🌞 (you are my SUNSHINE) A note to you today🌈 No matter where you are now 🌟 You are with me in my heart each and everyday! Love you! We celebrate 🎉 you and your loving ways (and those of all fathers today). even with the good and not so good times, it was always with respect, dignity and above all - L.O.V.E. 🤗 

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