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Welcome to our 'Chat Room'...

- A place where we all matter - 

We are SUPER excited that you have come to visit us in our virtual home! It is our sincere hope that you are enjoying each special 'ROOM' for its unique set-up, and will continue to check in with us regularly.  

At Romance with Jules, we love to CARE and SHARE, and we know you do as well, so we created this "Chat Room' for us to share amazing tips, ideas, suggestions, and ways to add KINDNESS to all that we do! 

We promise to keep building more places to explore, and look forward to hearing from you.  

We're all about YOU!


Thank you so much! Your message has been recieved successfully!


It is so exciting to know that there will be those awesome visitors of our site who will want to submit may great things to us, so that we can post away and continue our joint efforts to spread the good messages for a kinder and better world. That said; All visitors of our site may use this 'Chat Room' portal to submit their tips, ideas and suggestions for acts of Kindness, Care and Loving Gestures. Please note that content submitted via this section of the site (and is deemed suitable for the site's content), will be posted to the appropriate sections ('ROOMS') as time permits and will be tagged with the person's 'First Name Only'. If you DO NOT WISH to have your name posted, please include that instruction at time of your submission to the Romance with Jules Team.

If you wish to submit a photo with your post (or for other photo sections of the site as they are built down the road), please proceed to send your images to (citing the same 'Subject' from your submission in this section and provide your name, so that there are no errors when we are looking to post. All photos submitted will become the property of the site, however, if a user wishes for the photo to be removed, the Team will search and remove that item and will respond to the visitor that the action has been completed with 48 hours of the original request date and time. As the site grows, there will be more opportunity to participate in possible contest type arenas. More information will be coming out on that in 2018!

Note that any content found unsuitable or perceived to be negative in nature will be immediately deleted. If there are repeated submissions along these lines from the same visitor(s), they will run the risk of being blocked from further using the site, so that the site's integrity of positive messaging is kept in tact for all other visitors well into the future.


If an error is found anywhere on the site, you are most welcome to submit your findings via this portal with our gratitude.   


This website and all of its contents may not be copied, disseminated, circulated, transferred, downloaded, published, printed, sold in any way shape or form, sent out by e-mail or any way of sharing across multiple media channels, etc. (posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), without prior written consent or permission being granted by the copyright owner – Downloads that are purchased prior to the downloading of any materials from the copy-writer are exempt for the one version that was agreed to be purchased. The downloaded item(s) are not for re-sale, copying on a mass scale for re-distribution, reproducing for marketing materials, any media sharing, etc., and fall under the same stipulations referenced above. If it is found that the purchaser has attempted any of the items noted above and used content illegally, etc., further action may be taken and legal parties brought forward at that time (if necessary). This web site is protected under the Canadian Copy-Writers law.

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