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The intent of this site is to share general tips, ideas and simple suggestions for the fun of keeping the acts of kindness front and centre in everyday life in a loving and safe way. It is meant to be free of any prejudice or preaching, providing pointed direction in any way, or making absolute statements of any kind. The visitor/user of Romance with Jules is free to make their own decision to incorporate (or take away) any tips, ideas or suggestions at their own discretion and cannot hold the creator responsible or liable for any issues that may arise for any messages taken away from visiting this site.

This DISCLAIMER has been added to communicate that I/we (as the owner(s) of Romance with Jules) do not claim to be:


A) Educated in any field of psychology;


B) Professionally trained or educated in neuro-linguistics

  of any kind;


C) Educated in therapy processes, in love matters (including

    sexual education, etc);


D) A medical professional offering consultation services,

    medical advice of any kind, or mental support on any level of

    emotional well-being;


E) A coach or provide counselling on any issue that requires a

    trained professional with proper license, certification, degree

    or doctorate, etc…

No-No-No! That is not us at all…


We are just ‘PASSIONATE‘ people that have been in love with the concept of ‘ROMANTICISM‘ since wee little ones and only want to bring Kindness, Love and Care to the forefront of our daily lives - One Smile at a Time! Now with much time passing and going around this great sun of ours, we have truly ‘sharpened the heart’ in the art of knowing a bit about kind loving gestures, etc., and have been told that we are talented and good at describing playful, fun and intriguing tips, suggestions, etc., when dealing with matters of the heart. A huge 'SHOUT-OUT' to all our supporters along the way!

So now that you've read this section... If you feel that this concept or content is not really your flavorful bag of tea, thanks for reading this far and we hope you find your true passion and run with it as far as you can go.


For all our ‘ROMANCERS‘ out there, let’s get sharin’ if you will!!

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