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Mission - Vision - Values...

Our Mission... 

Romance with Jules' mission is simple... We want to provide a place where people of all walks of life can come visit, and find some cool fun ideas, delightful little tips and general common-sense suggestions that can be easily shared or incorporated into our everyday lives. This way, the world becomes a kinder more loving place - back to the basics really...


Our Vision... 


Romance with Jules sees itself as becoming a central resource site for providing fun free tips, such as ideas to make someone's day with the end goal of building a place where people matter and feel appreciated. We see ourselves as becoming the motivational site that will move the masses to bring Kindness and Love back to the forefront. 


Our Values... 


Here at Romance with Jules, respect of self and of others, is of utmost importance. We deeply believe in:

  • Collaboration: Being available for our valued visitors/users and sharing with them in a fun and happy way to keep kindness at the forefront. 

  • Commitment: Making sure that each day brings new and fresh tips, ideas and suggestions for our visitors to use and share.

  • Community: Giving back to the folks that are in need.

  • Consistency: Always providing positive messages and not straying from our goals.

  • Diversity: Being loving and accepting of all people.

  • Empowerment: Encouraging eachother to be kind and that little things make the biggest difference.

  • Fun: That's a given!

  • Innovation: Look to incorporate cool things to keep the site unique and fresh through imagery, etc...

  • Integrity: Always keeping in mind that we have a vast audience and will strive to keep the site free of any negative material.

  • Leadership: The fact that we lead ourselves before we can ever lead another.

  • Passion: Well...Need we say MORE...

  • Quality: What we strive for at all turns.

  • Service Excellence: Our promise.

  • Love: Above all.


We adore our Romancers!

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