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We're glad you're here! 


We'd like to start out by asking you a couple of quick questions... Have you noticed how life has gotten so busy around us lately, that you personally may have;  

A) forgotten to give your loved one(s) a meaningful hug 

    to say hello or good-bye, as you were rushing out the door? 

B) promised to call a close family member and just didn't get        around to it, due to pressing deadlines? 

C) plain cancelled out on a good friend, once again, because of

    a long exhaustive day? 

D) become frustrated with everything, snapped at everyone in

    your path, and just completely 'shut down' for a while?

We confess - been there - done that! It certainly happens to the best us doesn't it?!? 

At Romance with Jules, our passion is focused on finding fun and creative ways to show kindness in all that we do. This dedication drives our goal to reach as many people (out there) and remind them to see the beauty in all things/situations, when little acts of kindness are given. It is the genuine care shown when we are communicating with others, etc., that makes this world a better place to live in. That said, this is why we have gone on to design this site with a 'VIRTUAL HOME-SWEET-HOME' concept in mind. Now we can look to welcome people from all walks of life, and join in sharing inspirational and motivating TIPS, IDEAS and SUGGESTIONS each day - and some other cool stuff!! 

Our 'Virtual Home' is made up of many "Special Rooms', which are designed to uplift, inspire, motivate, melt hearts, entice (mhhhmm), and, to bring smiles to visitors. We can't reach everyone, but we certainly believe that 'sharing is caring' and that's what we're about! Let's start by promising that we will each look to put 'valuable personal deposits' into all our relationships - no matter what kind they may be and watch them flourish and strengthen! 

Now, before you go... can we ask you another question? So how about it... are you ready to come on into our virtual home and grab a pillow or a soft throw and get comfy...coz if you are...

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